Federal regulators are setting new rules for banks that offer deposit advances.

Payday loans are usually associated with high interest rates. Loan consolidation refers to when you use a single larger loan to pay off the multiple smaller loans. For those with accumulated debts, consolidating your loans will help you pay off the debts so that you’re only left with one debt to pay.

It’s very hard to get out of payday loans, but a good consolidation plan is guaranteed to offer you some relief. There are several options that people can use for their payday loan consolidation as listed below:

  1. Work with a reputable debt consolidation organization that will help you to come up with a debt management plan.
  2. Reach out to your creditors: explain your situation to them and ask them for help. Negotiating might get you reduced monthly payment or lower interest rates.
  3. Take out a low­interest personal loan that you will use to pay off your high­interest debts.
  4. Open a new credit card and then transfer the high­interest loans to the new low­interest credit card.
  5. If you own a home, you have the option of borrowing against your home equity and using the money to pay off your loans.

Benefits of Payday Loan Consolidation Programs

  1. Multiple loans are combined into one loan that is easy to pay.
  2. Consolidating all your loans into one low interest rate payment will reduce the overall interest cost. This way you will save a lot of money.
  3. Peace of mind. You will not receive the harassing collection phone calls anymore.
  4. Less stress for you. Working with a payday loan company will give you all the expert advice and assistance that you need through the entire process.
  5. Payday loan consolidation will help you to get aggressive lenders out of your bank account.
  6. You will gain better control of your finances with just one monthly payment.
  7. Payday consolidation will help you to repay your loans quickly; to get out of debt once and for all.
  8. A professional team will give you the guidance and support you need. You will not have to navigate the payday loan consolidation process by yourself.
  9. Stay out of debt. The first is to completely get out of debt and stop the borrowing cycle. You need to come up with a budget that is within your income.
  10. Financial security. You will get to keep more of your salary since you do not have so many fees to pay in interest rates. As a result, you will have money to take care of your family’s needs.


Consolidating your payday loans will help you pay off the debt faster without the hassle of writing multiple monthly checks. Loan consolidation helps you to cut down on the monthly payments and lowers the interest rates.

There are several benefits that come with consolidating your payday loans such as reduced late fees, lower interest rate payments, and making one single payment instead of multiple payments.

Basically, it’s advisable to opt for payday loan consolidation because the program will help you repay your debt fully, at a reduced period.