Start-ups try to progress with the objective of enhancing their business, grow to a company in a short span of time. They use their resources to achieve their business objective. Marketing is important for every start-up. The start-ups use social media marketing to attract more web traffic, enhance their business by selling their products or services and maintain profitability.

A start-up using social media website requires maintaining the 5 rules for success:-


If you are marketing using the different social media websites then you need to know that consistency is the name of the game. Irrespective of the product or service you are selling, your marketing should be consistent. You should use content that appropriately highlights and sell your products, services online. Similarly, if you are using more than one social media networking accounts then you need to highlight the products or services equally well in each of the account. Your marketing should be consistent.

Know Your Product & Service

While selling your products or services it is important to know what you are selling and what the demands of your products or services are. If you sell products and services that are very much in demand in the market then you can make profits.

Talk to the Audience

While making posts in social media websites it is important to talk with your audience, know their needs and requirements, understand how you can fulfil them. The secret to a successful business is communication and interaction between the clients and the business.

Quality Control

In social media you can find many posts about many things. Quantity of posts does not matter. It is the quality of posts that matter while creating posts for social media websites.


If you can post contents in the different social media networking websites at regular intervals then your posts get maximum focus. This helps to enhance your business, sales and profitability.