For a new player in the stock market, the term discount broker may be new. In actuality, a discount broker forms a stockbroker who proffers low brokerage or inexpensive brokerage for vending and purchasing stocks. They make available for you the online execution portal. A discount broker makes easy extremely low brokerage in comparison to the traditional broker. However, on the whole, the discount brokers do not impart advisory as the traditional brokers do. The discount broker chiefly functions centralised.

The traditional broker or full-service broker: They are as well-known as regular brokers. These are radically traditional offline brokers and proffer customer committed relationship manager, counsel, sit & trade features and levy brokerage very high in opposition to the discount broker. The traditional brokers usually enjoy broad office connectivity throughout India. The traditional brokers offer primary technical calls and primary reports for the traders and the investors.

Draws of the discount brokers

Cheap cost

The discount broker provides low brokerage charges as compared to the traditional brokers. It assists the investors, and the traders translate any trade into gains having low Break-even point or BEP.

Online trading portal

It is very well-known that the discount brokers predominantly function centralised; hence for them, the online method of trading portals makes the best choice to cater to their customers. They make available the top online trading forums without any cost.

Fair offer

Either you happen to be a small investor or a giant in the financial market the discount brokers in India proffer you similar services.

Less transactional cost

Above all the discount brokers provide low transactional cost because of their high quantity of trades.


The discount brokers proffer a hundred percentage transparencies regarding their cost- trade confirmation, charges sheet, margin calculator, brokerage calculator.

Customers’ education

The discount broker provides online educational material and video tutorial in favour of their customers with the aim the customers will educate and work with them for an extended duration of time. The traditional brokers did not provide this service.

Account opening without paperwork

By making use of Aadhar Number, the discount broker provides account opening devoid of paperwork – simply setting up an account within ten minutes. The traditional brokers follow a similar process.

No need of minimum brokerage

Unlike the traditional broker, the discount broker does not levy minimum brokerage. It implies in case you desire to purchase or trade in a penny stock, in that connection the discount broker makes the top pick.

Flat brokerage

The discount brokers provide their customer’s flat brokerage charges regardless of trade quantities which suggest that in case you purchase one hundred lot or one lot of some reputed firm they realise flat rate. The traditional brokers levy from you according to the percentage on volume regarding trade.


Above all the discount brokers work centrally in case you need the branch support so that to perform paperwork, then in that connection, the discount brokers make no pick for you. You need to hunt for a broker who proffers branch support and provide brokerage.