Travelling with disabled persons can be difficult. This is why, you need to invest time on finding the right disabled access hotels and rooms. The problem is there are too many hotels with disability facility around the world. Due to this reason, you need to invest more time on trying to search the right hotel and room.

It is essential that you check the trip planner before going to a trip. This trip planner offers everything you need to know about travelling with disabled persons. Your task begins with trying to find the right hotel. The accommodation is important as the wrong accommodation can make your vacation a painful one. To discover more about the preparations you should make for your next overseas vacation visit this website: https://www.blogs4us.com/

You need to research options before hitting the road. Because there are so many hotels available which offer disability facility, you must be careful about making the choice.

Most of the hotels make the wheel availability the prime focus. However, a disable person needs more than just a wheel chair to live comfortably. With the addition to wheelchair, there are many other things which a disable person might require.

Make the Call

Once you have enough information about hotels, you need to make the call. You need to ask the question in person. There are some questions which you need to inquire before booking the hotel.

Whether the hotel offers special disability service or not is the matter of question. This you need to ask. Apart from wheelchairs what else the hotel offers? Do they have special care for the disable people? Do they have rooms located in the ground floor?

This you must not ignore to ask. The rooms for the disable people should be in the ground floor. This is because, at the time of emergency, the person can be wheeled without trouble. If the room is located in any other floor, this might be troublesome.

Another thing is – you need to ask whether the rooms of the hotel have ADA certificate. Don’t ignore this as this is important. You must know whether the rooms are properly equipped to make people comfortable.

Height of the bed is another important fact which you need to inquire about. The bed must be low enough for a person on a wheelchair to slide on the bed. This is why, ask the manager whether the beds are low enough or not.


What else do you need to know? Well, you need to know what the others are saying about the hotels. For this you need to read the reviews of the other boarders. See whether they have good things to say about the hotels or not. You can read the testimonials of the website.

Medical Check-up

Travelling with a disabled person can be difficult. This is why; you need to consider the physical and emotional pressure which the disable person would be suffering from. Getting a quick medical check-up will be beneficial. Once you have decided on the disabled access hotels and rooms, you can get in touch with a doctor for an assessment.