When it comes to risk-proof investments in the stock markets there are very few of these companies which you can really trust. Companies that are usually very stable and there is no growth or decline are not worth any investment, instead, you should look to invest in companies which are growing at a good pace and look set for more growth in the future.

Technology companies are the new gold mine when it comes to investment, companies such as Google or Alphabet Inc as it is now called, are worth your consideration. They recently crossed the threshold of 800 billion dollars in market capitalization. This firmly establishes them as a company that thinks about the future and is geared to bring about a change never before seen in the history of the world.

The company is working on new age Artificial Intelligence and is looking to solutions for the future. Its main purpose is to help us lead a far smarter and efficient lifestyle, with the help of their products and AI-based technology. Its impact is considerable and their technological ideas are future proof, thus they make for a company definitely worth the investment and consideration. As the earnings date for Google is nearing, here we take delve at the underlying numbers and see what move should we make.

Google earnings calendar:

The confirmed date is 25th October and as it is nearly 16 days away, there is still time for potential investors and stockbrokers to put in place a plan to acquire or sell stocks based on your preferences. During this time period, you should keep a close eye on a number called the PMAEA or the predicted move after the earnings announcement, which is a very accurate percentage of expected movement in either direction. This number is an accumulation of all the data from past earnings date performances, company fundamentals, the performance of the company, and various other factors. All of these are carefully looked into by analysts and they come up with the PMAEA. This year the number is around 5%, which has changed from the predicted number a month back.

This puts the strike price, a point at which you should definitely purchase the stocks at 10%. This number is unlikely to touch so you should be concerned about the PMAEA. This number helps you decide the amount of profit or loss you will likely incur on earnings date if you decide to sell or buy. The reason why trading on earnings date is advised is due to the fact that on this day you will see a noticeable increase in the volume of shares traded around. It is nearly 6 to 7 times the regular volume of trade on an average day.

Making your move on earnings date is still a risky one, as the markets seem to quite volatile, so put yourself in a position where you can simply make the trade if it falls to your comfort price. Investing in Google is one for the future and if you are not looking at immediate returns, this is a wise idea.