Online shopping is a new revolutionary trend in shopping today. Its saves our time and cost both. We can research, compare and buy the right thing with quite a lot of difference in cost. Ease of shopping from home in no time is the major plus point here.

The same holds good for car insurance shopping as well. With the ample variety of car insurance policies available with plenty of special features, cost can vary hugely among insurers for the same amount of coverage. Buying a right amount of coverage at the right price was never an easy job until online tool called ‘car insurance premium calculator’ was introduced. It’s an effective online tool that gives you insurance quote based on the information provided by you in the online application. That means the quote your getting is personalized and need based. This easy application can save you by shelling out more money on the insurance premium by many ways

This is how car insurance calculator can save you some money and get the coverage at the right price. Read on to know the reasons:

  • Easy Accessibility: Car insurance premium calculator is easily accessible online. There are many insurance web aggregators who provide this dynamic tool on their portals. You don’t need to run behind insurance agent for the quotes. This itself saves your time and cost to some extent! It the simple and the convenient way of ascertaining the cost of your car insurance.
  • Self-Evaluation of Insurance Needs: Calculating the insurance premium using car insurance calculator helps you understand your needs better. When you are using the insurance calculator, it asks you all the information to be provided before calculating the premium. This is when you start evaluating your requirement. When you are doing it all yourself, you get to understand the parameters that influence your insurance cost in a clear way. You will even get to see how changing the different variables can change your insurance premium. For example, quoting higher insured declared value can result in higher amount of premium. Hence, it helps you understand the importance of declaring the IDV It helps you make the inclusions to the policy that is best suited to your need. Including features and add-ons that are not really necessary for you can result in higher premium.
  • Easy Comparison of Quotes: Most importantly, using car insurance calculator you can compare the quotes of different insurers for the same amount of coverage. It conveniently provides you personalized quotes from different insurers for the same features and benefits that you are looking for. Determination of insurance cost varies among insurers depending on their underwriting and pricing norms. Percentage of discounts and the extent of benefit may vary from policy to policy. Hence, car insurance calculator helps you choose the right plan at the reasonable cost in a simple and convenient way.
  • Unbiased and Informed Choice: When we are getting a quote from agent, we tend to get influenced by him. We may end up paying more for buying something under the influence. Same is not the case when we use the car insurance calculator. We tend to research and make the unbiased and more rational decision when we are doing it ourselves.

Calling up an agent for a quote and handing over all the information over the phone could be a hectic job. There may be chances of missing out on the most important information that can make huge difference to your insurance premium. For example, you have installed anti-theft device in your car recently. Your agent is unaware of this fact at the time of renewal. In this scenario, you could have saved quite a lot on your premium if the installation of anti-theft device was considered. But, such omission of information is not possible when you use car insurance calculator. Here you need to provide every bit of information. Hence, the quote that you get is completely based on all the key information provided by you.


To sum it up, effective way of using efficient online tools not only makes our job easy and simple, it also helps us to save more on cost. Car insurance calculator helps you get what you really need at the right price in a more convenient and simple manner. Make use of such dynamic tools for insuring your car smartly!