Knowledge is the key to success. And in order to become a successful person, more and more knowledge needs to be acquired. Students residing in any corner of this world dream of getting best education and the source of best education can be anywhere in this big world.

Insurance is something which acts as a life savior to financial risks. Any huge investment made requires a lifeguard too. Nobody can afford unfortunate losses and so do the students. Higher education is best offered abroad and to get such quality education, huge investment is needed to be made by the students. Thus it a matter of prime concern to protect the investments made by them.

Pursuing higher education from a well reputed university overseas is every student’s dream. But this also holds high risks of losses such as financial losses or medical losses. Any unfortunate incident such as emergency medical issues can incur a student heavy financial loss. Thus Student Travel Insurance is a must in order to prevent financial risks arising from unpredictable and unfortunate instances.

The eligibility to avail this student travel policy is to have age above 16 years. However a person above 35 is not eligible for the same.

Need of Student Travel Insurance

A student aspiring to study out of India must not forget to avail this foreign travel insurance policy. It is of great help in case of any kind of eventuality. It covers various important things so that the student is free to focus on his studies and not worry about the out of pocket expenses. Some of the heads covered in a student travel policy are as follows:

  • Baggage Coverage: It aids the student reading lost luggage, delayed luggage, stolen baggage etc.
  • Medical Expense Coverage: It helps to tackle the unfortunate events like emergency hospitalization.
  • Study Interruption: Regarding tuition fee. If the student isn’t able to pay tuition fee, it helps him to pay the same.
  • Loss of passport/visa.
  • Cancellation of flight etc.

Looking at the above benefits provided, a student travel policy is highly recommended in this era of growing money value.

International Student Insurance Plans

Everything is online in this generation of Digitalization. And so is the student travel insurance policy. International Student Insurance is an online one stop destination for students to get international student health insurances as well as international student travel insurances. It is compact and affordable for most of the budgets. These international student insurance plans mainly focus on providing health insurances along with travel insurances. It provides:

  • Student Health Insurance.
  • Travel Medical Insurance.
  • Major Medical Insurance.


Students must keep themselves on the safer side in any circumstances. Nobody can predict the sudden loss which can be incurred. Everybody knows about the high expenses of studying abroad. And in such case, financial losses can be extremely hard to afford. Therefore, each and every student dreaming to pursue higher education overseas should have a travel insurance policy so that they can tackle any unfortunate eventualities.